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oldies compilation - Stereo LP

tracks and artists:

A1 5 Satins - In The Still Of The Night
A2 Fay Adams - I'll Be True
A3 King Curtis - The Blues
A4 Johnny Hartman - Durango
A5 The Turbans - When You Dance
B1 Billy Miles - The Joker
B2 5 Satins - Wonderful Girl
B3 King Curtis - Mr. Hip
B4 Johnny Hartman - You Better Believe
B5 Charlie & Ray - I Love You Madly

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Plattenzustand G+
Cover Zustand G+
Format LP
  • Compilation
Land, Jahr & Label US 196?, Mount Vernon Music (MVS 109)
Beschreibung record plays with some noise, without skips - WOC, sleeve has seamsplits on all sides


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Deluxe LP Aufbewahrung Deluxe LP Aufbewahrung
Außenhülle und gefütterte Innenhülle - TIPP
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