Minoo Javan - The Series Of Music For Young Adults: Iranian Folk Songs

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2nd LP from persian singer Minoo Javan - arranged and conducted by Kambiz Roshan Ravan


fine mix of classical music with persian folk songs - released shortly before the islamic revolution

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Plattenzustand VG-
Cover Zustand VG
Format LP
  • 1st Pressing
Land, Jahr & Label IRN 1976, Institute For The Intellectual Development Of Children And Young Adults (2013KS)
Beschreibung a-side has some hiss (every rotation) - b-side plays with some clicks - cover has some darkened spots and spinewear (like almost all releases, 'cause it's a very thin cover) - hole is a bit expanded


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Deluxe LP Aufbewahrung Deluxe LP Aufbewahrung
Außenhülle und gefütterte Innenhülle - TIPP
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