Abaco Dream - Life And Death In G & A

great funky and very rare german p-funk 7-inch - mysterious band - some think that this is just a pseudonym for 'Sly & The Family Stone'

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Plattenzustand VG
Cover Zustand G
Format 7-Inch-Single
Cover Picture Sleeve
Land, Jahr & Label US 1969 - D, A&M (210 077)
Beschreibung a-side has a constant tick (first 20 rotations), rest of song and b-side play alright - cover and backcover is torn apart - WOC, WOL - IF NOT SURE DON'T BUY!!


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Deluxe Single Aufbewahrung Deluxe Single Aufbewahrung
Außenhülle und gefütterte Innenhülle - TIPP
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