V.A. - The Magic Cube

V.A. - The Magic Cube

the craziest of all the great & legendary psychedelic garage compilations - a double-sided 10-inch flexi-disc (i wonder who produced it) and an incredible cool gimmick: a self-inflating cardboard-cube ______________ A1 Frontpage News - Thoughts A2 Bedlam Four - Hydrogen Atom A3 Rising Storm, The - Frozen Laughter A4 Unrelated Segments - Cry Cry Cry B1 Painted Faces - I Lost You In My Mind B2 Children Of The Mushroom - You Can't Erase A Mirror B3 Burgundy Run - Stop! B4 Indian Puddin' And Pipe - Hashish B5 Kenny & His Friends - The Raven Pt. 1

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Plattenzustand VG+
Cover Zustand VG+
Format 10-Inch
Cover Gimmix Cover
Vinyl Flexi Disc
  • 1st Pressing
  • Compilation
  • White Label / unofficial
Land, Jahr & Label US 1982, Eva-Tone Soundsheets - 106811A&BX
Beschreibung flexi sounds good, that means like a transistor radio (!!) - cover has almost no traces of use, backcover is a bit darkened - cube is partly torn, 'cause the rubberband was always too strong (can be glued), but it is fully functionable and if you unfold it, you won't see the damage

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