Mozart / Muffat / Hofhaymer - Die Arco-Orgel des Mozarteus (Oskar Peter)

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W.A. Mozart: 'Organ-Piece for a clock', 'Andante for a Chiming Cylinder in a little Organ', 'Adagio and Allegro Organ in a Clock' + Georg Muffat: 'Toccata F-major' + Gottlieb Muffat: 'Toccata B-major' + Paul Hofhaymer: 'Salva Regina' - Oskar Peter on the historic Organ - LP 198? SEALED

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Record Grade Still Sealed
Cover Condition Mint-
Size LP
  • 1st Pressing
Country, Year & Label Austria 198? - Colosseum D (SM629)
Notes STILL SEALED, unplayed LP. frontcover wavy inside shrink

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